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The Moving out of your Flatshare checklist

Note: due to the effects of COVID-19, some of the information on this page might not currently apply.

Have I given notice?

Check your contract to see how much notice you have to give to leave, and get this in writing too. Try and leave on good terms if you can – you might need your current landlord for a reference for your next property…

Be deposit-savvy

Getting your deposit back can take a while, as the inventory check on the property will happen after you’ve moved out. If you’ve got to pay a deposit for your new home too, try and plan in advance to cover the gap.

Leaving the place clean can help you get the whole amount back – and remember you shouldn’t be charged for reasonable wear and tear to the property. You have the right to appeal any deductions your landlord might take from your deposit if you think they’re unfair – just file a complaint to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme your landlord used. More info about deposits here.  

Get off the bills

If you’re all leaving the property at once, let the utility companies know and they’ll close your accounts. If some of the current housemates are remaining, have a chat and decide who will be taking bills on once you’ve left. Leave your new contact details with your utilities companies and remaining housemates, in case of any future problems.

Replacing yourself

If you’re in a joint tenancy agreement, you might want to get involved in the process of finding your replacement. Get started by placing an ad on SpareRoom and mark yourself as a “former flatmate” in the advertiser options.

The next step

Now the fun part – finding your next home! It couldn’t be easier on SpareRoom. All you need is your desired area and criteria and you’re good to go.

If you want to know about rooms before they’re advertised, try placing a Room Wanted ad. Most people with spare rooms will check these out first before putting their ad live, so you could find your next home without even having to trawl through search results.

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