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  • Danielle
  • 21, couple
  • Double room wanted

Total budget: £800 pcm


Hello everyone - I?m looking for the near impossible really. I originally lived in central London with my mum, up until I was 16, long story short her relationship got abusive & I refused to witness it so I moved in with my dad in Sutton. We both lived in a bedsit including my uncle, had no privacy, no comfort etc. I was still attending college at this point & was actually in my final months but due to the amount of stress & weight upon my shoulders I finished my course & didn?t go any further with it. My uncle decided to give up his tenancy meaning me & dad had to find somewhere, the council wasn?t interested so we looked into privately renting. During this time my dad had bought me a border collie to serve as my emotional support dog since I fell into deep depression. He has brought me so far & I?m finally ready to get back out there. So, we had no option but to move to Sheerness, staying in my mums chalet (holiday home from October - December) it was FREEZING! We finally found somewhere through a housing agency but needed a guarantor, which we obviously didn?t have due to family being so far away & other circumstances. We then had to borrow a sum amount as ?6,000 & put that down as a security deposit, since then we?ve moved twice & this will be our third time moving his before xmas. My nan has recently had a fall meaning my dad needs to tend to her needs, also meaning we now have to relocate beck to Surrey & start over. We also want to be closer to family & need to be in a more rural area to seek employment & better opportunities as we?ve all really lost ourselves these past few years. Enough of this, here?s what I?m hoping to find...

I?m looking for the following,
A double bedroom
A bedsit (couple)
A one bed flat
Or a two bed flat

Any of these would be preferred however, if you have anything suitable please don?t hesitate to contact me! Due to relocating, firstly we?d be unemployed for the first 8 weeks max however, we currently receive housing benefit due to moving & they pay the rent in FULL straight to the landlord. My partner will be moving with me, but also my dog & my cat. My cat is an outside cat so spends 90% of her time outside, she?s also fully housetrained, neutered & none destructive & my dog, well he?s already trained to be an emotional support dog so you have no worries there! He?s very quiet but also has a cheeky attitude, he?s also neutered & VERY house trained - both just bundles of cuteness overload! When I find employment I will also seek a dog walker for him so that he?s not inside on his own over long periods of time. It would be a DREAM if anyone had anything suitable! I need to move by the 5th of January 2020 .

Minimum term
6 months
Maximum term
36 months

  • Sutton

21 to 22
Any pets?
1 Female, 1 Male

Smokers OK?
Pets OK?
Don't mind
Min age
Max age
Males or females

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