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  • 39, male
  • Single or double wanted

Total budget: £400 pcm


> Section A:

- Alcohol Consumer: No

- Available: STC / TBC (Wednesday, September 01, 2021)

- Behavior: Mature

- Children: None

- Covid-19 Status: Uninfected

- Education Level: Degree

- Employment Type: Self-Employed

- Ethnicity: South Asian

- Financial Obligation(s): None

- Hygiene Habit: Excellent

- Occupation: Investment Marketing

- Pet(s): None

- References: Available

- Relationship Commitment(s): None

- Rent: Guaranteed

- Smoker: No

> Section B:

- Every single ad is meticulously assessed.

- I could adjust my stated position (type of accommodation and/or budget and/or length of stay) if the right opportunity was identified.

- Preferred:

* CCTV: Monitoring all possible point(s) of entry.
* Corridor: Main entrance to own bedroom

- Required:

* Bedroom: Furnished with external & internal door key lock
* Broadband: Unlimited
* Communal areas cleaner(s)
* Ensuite (shower with detachable head, sink, toilet)
* Internal Noise Level: Reduced
* Locality: Peaceful
* My Privacy: Necessary
* Washing Machine

- Renters: The more details you share, the easier it will be for me to adequately evaluate the offer available.

- Estate Agents: Not needed. Contact with renters via spareroom. co. uk only.

- I prefer written exchanges to phone conversations, for the purpose of saving recorded communication.

- If you have not received a response from me, that means that your ad(s) do not meet a/more of the prerequisite(s) stipulated and/or the condition(s) available is/are not accommodating.

- Tenancy Agreement: This is a binding contract. Knowing exactly what is contained within this document before putting pen to paper would be very useful to me.

- Rights & Responsibilities: Upon registering myself as an official household member, I agree and accept to act within the bounds of the contract, with all eligible tenant protection(s) enabled for myself.

> Section C:

- Covid-19 and the variety of Covid-19 variants out there, are a reality, here to stay.

- As a precaution, I will need to self-isolate for a total of 14 days on arrival at the property. For the duration of my self-isolation, I will require assistance on the following:

- [a] Purchase of food & drink items (one time with money given by myself);

- [b] Purchase of essential items only (one time with money given by myself); and,

- [c] Access to a shower, sink & toilet. If ensuite facility unavailable, then suitable access provided for duration of self-isolation period, with adherence to Covid-19 precautions as much as possible.

- [d] After the completion of my 14 day self-isolation period, I will continue to adhere to Covid-19 preventative measures. This will include wearing a mask at all times whenever leaving my room (within the property and outside), accompanied by regular hand washing. Prevention is better than a cure.

- All of my daily/necessary actions will reflect the present health environment found within my immediate locality.

- Due to a non-scientific response to the Covid-19 pandemic by the federal government and complete disregard of Covid-19 standard operating procedures by the general public, both the social and economic situation within the United Kingdom has deteriorated.

- Only time will tell when, or if, the present state of affairs will change for the better.

- The Covid-19 vaccination program is progressing and the number of people vaccinated (one dose/two doses), is increasing on a daily basis.

- Until the situation with Covid-19/variant(s) improves substantially, no unnecessary risk(s) will be undertaken by myself.

> Section D:

- The interactive medium enabled here (spareroom. co. uk) connects renters and tenants for the sole purpose of matching adequate properties with suitable people.

- This platform is not a place for users to troll others through deliberately offensive or provocative online post(s), with the aim of eliciting a/more negative response(s) by the receiver of such material.

- For the record, any/all person(s) responsible for sending a/more impetuous/unsolicited post(s), will be dealt with in a befitting and expeditious manner.
01 Sep 2021
Minimum term
Maximum term
6 months
Looking in
  • Acton, Chiswick & Hammersmith
  • Barnet
  • Birmingham
  • Blackburn
  • Bolton
  • Bradford
  • Cardiff
  • Coventry
  • Darwen
  • Derby
  • Dewsbury
  • Hanwell & Ealing
  • Hounslow
  • Leeds
  • Leicester
  • Luton
  • Nottingham
  • Oldham
  • Oxford
  • Preston
  • Rochdale
  • Sheffield
  • Slough
  • Wakefield
  • Walsall
  • Waltham Forest
  • Wolverhampton
  • Woodford Green
Amenities required
  • furnished room
  • en suite
  • broadband
  • washing machine
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