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Pauline Byrne invites an vaccinated employed Guaranteed applicant without any pets and also a boni fide guaranteed derby student , applicants to apply to reside in her house as shes an occupied landlord, Landlords where she resides and has done so alone and sometimes with her husband within a room( her exclusive room rights). Sometimes her employee from london resides in any vacant rooms whilst carrying out maintenance work to the house or other reason.
She/ Partner does extensive travelling as part of there business employment and often away from derby leaving her furnished room with her possessions left within.
The owners/tenants/lodgers/guests will occupy there own specific room, plus accesses, garden shed alleyway and all the common areas, kitchen , bathroom facilities & garden, Including using /sharing the lounge kitchen & facilities.
Long term residents called Tenants will have an ASTA which is secured. (while short term lodgers/guests 1 week to 3 months are usually unsecured as there guest agreements) . Whether the residents end up either being an guest or tenant is in the landlords gift & mainly depends on length of fixed contract period.
Students either post or undergraduate sign up usually for 10 months commecing sept to july, and pay rents termly in advance unless overseas in which case there 10 months in advance. An period of contract shorter than 10 months is dearer per week than an 10 month contract.
An Guest is an guest of both the landlord and also the2/ 3 current tenants residing in the other rooms. The guest /licensee or any residence has to follow the house fire, and safety rules that tenants follow.
All students have to be underwritten by an UK fullly employed and referencable guarantor in writing. Ditto profesional residents.
The agreement following negotiations over-rides emails, messages, ads etc and discussions as a result of talks at application stage unless otherwise specifically stated within the agreement.
The rent quoted pw is for an 10 month let An shorter contract is dearer per week , for instance an 3 month fixed term contracts an extra 25% per week than an contract of 10x months. The landlord for a quote depending on your required length of contract Should it differ from 10 months .
The house is in excellent condition having been totally renovated and far and away better than the usual letted house as its landlord occupied, and is ACCREDITED status with the university. Clean , well equipped house, very convenient for Kedleston Campus 200m and a mile or 15 minute walk to town centre plus 2 minutes walk to the .main campus.
The bus stop is 75m or 1 minute s walk away both ways. Right opposite markeaton park, DE221GN thats the most delightful place.
Large Victorian house 2x Rooms set out like an bedsit for each either an student single or employed single applicant. Rooms suitable for either an single employed student or employed person or traditional student. Historically UK student tenants settle termly in advance whilst overseas students pay the whole 3x terms in advance .Employed residents usually pay monthly in advance (its all down to negotiations post advert ) . All residents of every type must have referencable UK guarantor s.
Please advise the landlord on contact the applicants desired minimum period the applicant requires at enquiry stage & then the owner can quote a rate per week.
We reiterate that this house isnt suitable for either couples, families, families with children or anything more than 1x person sleeping in 1 room each night.
All applicants, guarantors & guests are referenced. Applicants having at least an FAIR credit rating.( rating obtained free from experian). The credit score will be requested at 1st message usually & is easy for the applicant to obtain.
secluded garden with alleyway access, for bikes, shed storage etc.
This house is popular & an very safe area, opposite MARKEATON PARK.
Safe Area of Derby, 300m From main Campus. One Mile Town Centre. Bus routes & late night buses.
Well placed for night life.
This house has just been totally renovated and Boasts all Mod Cons. Including an 2nd wc cloakroom, so no queuing .An conservatory , large Lounge and garden, plus Bike shed and rear garden access for the House side.
The area is well Known to be the safest derby area , surrounded By parks and close to UNI. 7 minutes. WALK. Sainsbury 5 Minutes . Amenities / close .
We will arrange an cleaner to clean the common areas and inspect all areas weekly at the cost of £5- per person per week residing. Never-the-less guests/Tenants are still expected to clean up after themselvs as the cleaners times limited to a few hours per week. The idea is to keep the house in the state that you see in the photographs. As the license/guest lets agreements are deemed an excluded licence agreement the landlords free to access guests lodgers room to inspect , or clean , or remove rubbish causing an fire risk etc & general husbandry.
Each room will require occupants to pay £7 per week towards the cost of council tax currently just under £1500 per year as any number of working people in the house trigger the council tax charge for everybody . The £7 per week applies to every room whether the occupiers are students or not (as the charge is already triggered).Thats the CT rule. The CT charge is in addition to the basic rate quoted.(The basic rate includes bills to an degree but metered and read & bills monitored so that the residents are ultiately liable for exactly the cost of all power used)
The high safe class area , recently renovated means that the room prices are not cheap .
All students must have paid for at least a % of the 1st terms derby courses furnishing the landlord with details -prior to veiwing.
Although the power bills are factored into the rent based on recent average power usage and the landlord will monitor bills ensuring that occupiers cover 100% of the bills costs with an clawback clause ensuring residents use & pay for power only when its required etc.
Applicants , tenants and guests are put on notice that power charges are set to rise by at least 50% on current levels and that the £22- pw charges already factored in the rent estimate isnt going to be enough past dec 22 . I predict . Due to the latter I forecast I will be clawing the bills costs back from all occupants once bill/meteres are read, bills arrived & an ful bill analysis has been done. This clawback can either be set against the deposit fund or re-paid to the landlord on demand.
We reference since were interested in the safety of the remaining guests.
There will be additional clauses in the contract.
The vidio seem to shows tight dimensions where-as in fact the room sizes are reasonable in most cases. Contact me if the room dimensions are required before veiwing.
This is typed with errors and omissions excepted since the contract rules and over-rides this wording as an contract occures after negotiations. Kindness Pauline/ Steve Byrne .owner/resident.
Applications are encouraged from both single individuals and also groups of 3 or 4 for both this and any other houses that we might own. Every application must be from decent credit rating individuals on a mission from the variouse groups detailed above. Affordabiity./ guarantors / references, and credit rating is key in every application
Steve & pauline byrne tringlets. com

  • £90 pw (double)
09 Sep 2022
Minimum term
10 months
Maximum term
10 months
  • Short lets considered
Extra cost
Bills included?
Disabled access
Living room
Broadband included
Current household
# housemates
Total # rooms
23 to 35
Any pets?
University of Derby
2 Males, 1 Female
New housemate preferences
Couples OK?
Smoking OK?
Pets OK?
Don't mind
Min age
Max age
Males or females
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