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One of our lovely housemates is sadly moving back to the U. S so we are looking for a new person to fill his room.

We are a group of five professionals. It sounds cliche but we really do all get on super well and we have a good laugh with each other. Over time we have built up a pretty impressive board game collection and also have quite a lot of sporting equipment (badminton, rounders etc) that we play with at the park just across the road from us. At the weekends we also like to have a drink and a bit of a dance together sometimes and even held a house beer pong tournament over lockdown.

We are a very animal friendly household and have a golden retriever called Kepler as well as chickens and ducks outside. Kepler is paws down the most loving and kind dog you could ever wish to meet.

The house itself is really spacious and very well looked after. There is a pretty huge open plan kitchen/lounge/diner as well as a separate lounge. All the rooms have thick walls and fire doors as it’s an old house so sound really doesn’t transfer from room to room which is a bonus.

The house is really well equipped. Each of the two communal living rooms is equipped with a smart tv, along with various game consoles for everyone to use. We are all quite big foodies so the kitchen is equipped to a level that would make Gordon Ramsey excited. Being quite nerdy we’ve kitted the house out with a lot of cool gadgets, all of the communal spaces have Phillips hue colour bulbs, including in the garden, which is great for using the garden in the evening. The three main doors into the house and garden are fitted with smart locks so convenient and very secure (Kepler would make a terrible guard dog after all).

On top of this we have a few nice services in the house to make life more enjoyable, including Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, Disney plus and more recently we have the pelaton on the tvs for everyone to use.

The bedroom we have available is a large double, it has triple wardrobes, a big desk and chest of drawers and a double storage bed so plenty of room for your things. It’s also decorated to a high standard. Saying that, it’s important to us that people feel at home while they are here so we are very open to making adjustments to make the place feel more like your own (Nico is an absolute whizz with DIY).

To the back of the house there is a big garden which leads to purpose built bike storage that runs down the side of the house. The garden is also host to a fire pit, hot tub, chicken coop and trampoline.

A slightly unusual thing about our lovely household is that we have a baby! While this is a bit unusual we have made adaptions so that we all have enough space to live our own lives. Firstly, Nico and I and the baby have our own area of the house, from which we can’t hear anything from the communal spaces (even the housemate’s late night karaoke fests). Because we have our own collection of rooms the communal areas of the house are kept as adult spaces, in which you’re free to do anything you’d do in a house that didn’t have a baby and the only baby stuff around is his high chair so he can join is for movie marathons. We are very relaxed parents so we don’t have any “house rules” that wouldn’t be there if we did t have a baby and everyone is very much welcome to have guests as they wish, our departing housemate Billy just held an impressive thanksgiving party for 20 people! Arthur is two months old and a very calm baby, we soundproofed our room before he was born, preparing for the worst, but he’s already sleeping through the night and even when he was a newborn and more unsettled, the other housemates assured us they were not disturbed/bothered. I know I’m biased but Arthur is incredibly sweet and we all dote on him in the house, I think we all enjoy a cuddle with him after a stressful day sometimes.

We are looking for someone social, clean and friendly to join our household, please get in touch if you’d like to know more 😊

Look forward to hearing from you,

Jess, Nico, Rach, Jamie and Pat.
  • £420 pcm (double)
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