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Peckham (SE15)

According to feedback from SpareRoom users, this area has the following characteristics:

Average Rent

Double Room
£171 pw
Single Room
£124 pw


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London SE15
  • Very friendly.
  • This is a great safe place to live and so easy to get to green spaces. Superb for transport links into the city. There is a great vibe here with a mix of people and cultures.
  • Residential, lived in with a couple of decent pubs and well hooked up via Nunhead, Peckham and Brockley.
  • Nunhead is a historically beautiful area - with good sized Victorian houses flanking the grand and famous Nunhead Cemetary. Nunhead Lane is a characterful mix of old and new shops...first gourmet cafe just opened is a sign of the way things seem to be going. It's quiet, but full of artists and musicians...a very friendly area which also benefits from close proximity to the nightlife and fun shops in East Dulwich.
  • Great transport links to London, with FIVE nearby train/tube stations within 5-20 mins. Only 7 mins by train to London Bridge and 17 mins to Victoria.
  • Up and coming area.
  • I have lived in Peckham for 6 months now, and can confidently say that it doesn't deserve the bad rap it receives. It's a dynamic and diverse area, with some great restaurants, cafes, shops and galleries. Every time I go for a wander I find something new - be it a park or a vintage fireplace dealer. Peckham makes for a great place to live - and is so well connected with buses and trains.
  • A quiet place close to a street full of shops and markets.
  • Peckham is a safe and friendly place to stay, lots to do, job opportunities, good atmosphere, lots of restaurants, good transport links
Peckham Rye
  • Great local shops nearby and a fantastic deli (Frog On The Green). Not far from Lordship Lane, good pubs and good restaurants.
  • With the new East London line joining it to Shoreditch + other hotspots North of the river, South East London has been given a new lease of life. Fortunately it remains unspoilt by too much new development, retaining much of it's historic charm. It's a great place for young families, but with plenty of bars and pubs it's superb for the foot loose and fancy free too! Quirky little cafe's and vintage furniture shops make it a great weekend place to be, away from the central mayhem. Definitely an up and coming area for those with a creative mind.
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