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Croydon (CR0)

According to feedback from SpareRoom users, this area has the following characteristics:

Average Rent

Double Room
£144 pw
Single Room
£103 pw


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  • Often overlooked and often derided, Croydon is a hidden gem. Excellent links into town, great shops, and really fab restaurants. Prices are low compared to much worse areas of London! All you have to put up with is the mickey taking from friends... but they soon grow to like it too!
  • Sometimes known as Mini-Manhattan because of the number of skyscrapers both residential and commercial.
  • The best place to live in London. Well connected to travel anywhere. Everything is here.
  • Croydon has 4 very different parts to it. East & South Croydon are filled with elegant 19th Century houses, expensive new flats, numerous restaurants, very large parks & excellent private schools. West Croydon is multicultural with a wealth of ethnic shops & restaurants. Central Croydon has 2 large shopping centers as well as bars & restaurants.
  • Croydon gets some bad press and is therefore under rated. I find it vibrant and multicultural with everything you'd ever need on your doorstep from shopping, bars, restaurants to a vibrant nightlife, not to mention its accessibility to London or the coast.
  • It's vibrant and multi-ethnic town, that offers lots of places to go and parks to visit and chill, and its just minutes away from London.
  • Great location a stones throw from a Tram stop, great park and shopping areas
  • An amazing place to live - with lots of variety and fantastic transport links to almost anywhere in South London. West Croydon is the oldest part and is quite dilapidated in some areas. East Croydon is mid-range to high-end in terms of property. South Croydon has more high end properties in my experience. I fell in love with the area the moment I moved there.
East Croydon
  • It's picturesque, lively, lovely night spots with lots of pubs, bars and restaurants. An ideal place to live, work, to wine and dine in romantic places and historical scenery.
  • Nice and modern.
  • Best Place in London: Croydon Town!

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