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Flat Share Home Contents & Shared House Contents Insurance

Okay, we know it’s a boring word – but protecting your stuff in a new place is actually pretty important. Here are some things to think about.

Shared contents insurance

This is probably the one to go for in a shared property – it’ll cover the contents of your room if they’re lost, damaged or stolen (including fire and floods), but it might not protect items elsewhere in the house or outside (like a bike). It’ll protect your deposit too because it covers the landlord’s fixtures and fittings.

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Student possessions insurance

It’s the kind that covers students, obviously. You’ll need it to cover both halls living and rented shared housing – Endsleigh’s will insure the contents of your room, laptop and mobile phone. They’ll replace laptops or mobile phones within 24 hours too, so sadly you’ve got no excuse for missing lectures…

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Gadget insurance

Insuring your phone or gadgets is probably cheaper to do separately – some policies will cover up to ten gadgets, and cover loss, theft and accidental damage as standard.

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