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Tips for taking good photos

Note: due to the effects of COVID-19, some of the information on this page might not currently apply.

Photos are one of the main things that will draw someone to your ad – so show off! Here are a few tips to get quality photos on your ad, and increase your chances of a speedy let...

Lose the clutter

It goes without saying that the room should be clean – but remove extra clutter too for a more minimalist, streamlined look. But remember to ask your flatmates’ permission if you’re going to move their stuff!

Make the bed

It’s amazing how effective something as simple as a made bed can be when it comes to your photos… An unmade bed makes a photo look messy and the room less homely.


Take photos in natural daylight if possible – if not, turning lights on can give a darker room a boost. Avoid using flash, as anything close to the camera will come out very bright and the background will look dark.

If the pictures still look dark, use filters to adjust the brightness or add extra contrast. And open the curtains for plenty of natural light.

Know your angles

Try photographing the room from a couple of different angles to see what works best – sometimes standing in the door frame can make the room look more spacious. And keep the camera still! There’s nothing worse than fuzzy shots…


Save and upload them in the highest possible format – large, clear pictures will show that the room is high quality too.

Photograph all areas

Take photos of other communal rooms and outdoor space – potential tenants will want to know what the living areas look like too, as well as the property from the outside. You can even include a photo of any current flatmates so people will know who they’ll be living with.

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