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Deposit Protection Schemes

Note: due to the effects of COVID-19, some of the information on this page might not currently apply.

If you rent out a property or a room in a property on an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) which started after April 6th 2007, you must protect your tenant’s deposits in a tenancy deposit scheme. NB – this doesn’t apply to landlords renting to lodgers.

 Scotland has its own scheme. Click here for info on tenancy deposit regulations in Scotland.

What is the purpose of the scheme?

Types of Tenancy Deposit Scheme

There are three different schemes contracted by the government to protect deposits:

Each of these offers two types of scheme, either custodial or insurance-based.




Under both schemes the deposit must be returned within 10 days of agreement or settlement of any dispute.

Landlords have 30 days to protect a deposit and supply their tenant with the relevant information. If they don’t comply they can face legal proceedings and a fine of up to three times the amount of the deposit in question.

For more information on the scheme visit the Shelter website or see

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