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HMO licence requirements

Whether you need an HMO license or not depends on the type of HMO and your local council.

HMO regulations

You need a license if:

You have an HMO if:

You have a large HMO if:

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HMO "Household" definition

What's a 'household' classed as?

- e.g. Jack and John are a couple, who rented a room to a lodger through SpareRoom, would be classed as two households.

HMO licensing

If you have a large HMO and so need a license, or are classed as an HMO, contact your local council for more information.

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HMO responsibilities and requirements

As well as the usual landlord responsibilities including gas and electricity safety checks, there are much more stringent requirements for fire safety - in fact historically, the real purpose of HMO legislation was to keep people safe from fire.

There are other responsibilities and requirements in the management of your HMO that you can read about in our HMO guide.

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COVID-19 - how it affects renting

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