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How taking in a lodger can affect your council tax

Note: due to the effects of COVID-19, some of the information on this page might not currently apply.

If there are already two (or more) adults living in the property, taking in a lodger won’t change your council tax.

However, if you’re currently living alone, taking in a lodger could affect your council tax. Council tax is chargeable on the property (not per person), but if you currently benefit from the single person’s council tax discount of 25%, taking in a lodger means you’ll lose this.

There are some exceptions though. You’ll still qualify for your discount if your lodger is one of the following:

When it comes to Monday-Friday lodgers it's best to check in advance as it doesn't necessarily mean you'll keep your discount. Speak to your local authority first to be on the safe side.

What can you do to reduce the effect?

You can cover the increase in council tax by charging a little more rent, but think about this before taking in a lodger rather than afterwards (obviously).

Whatever the situation, if you currently live alone and take in a lodger you’ll need to inform your local authority.

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